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Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape

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Also known as '2 inch tape', 48mm packaging tape is the most widely used size of tape in the UK as it can accommodate a wide variety of sealing requirements. Perfect for sealing cartons, boxes, bags and packages, it provides a secure seal for items in storage and in transit. Available in clear or brown (brown tape is also known as "buff tape").

  • Size : 48mm (Wide) x 66m (Length)
  • Acrylic: Long-lasting holding power making it ideal for long term use, low noise acrylic for a silent release
  • Hotmelt: Offers exceptional adhesion strength and flexibility
  • Solvent: Quickly forms a strong, lasting bond particularly useful in extreme temperatures, low noise solvent for a silent release
  • Bulk: Wholesale or trade enquiries contact us direct on 01254 916167
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