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Anti Static Bubble wrap - 1000mm x 100m

Anti Static Bubble wrap - 1000mm x 100m

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These are rolls of high quality "Anti static Pink Bubble Wrap" which are perfect for delicate electrical components. These components always require a little extra care, because the build-up of "static" can cause damaged to components, however we have the perfect bubble wrap for that.

  • Anti Static Bubble Wrap - 1000mm (Wide) x 100m (Length)
  • Thanks to the quality of our anti static bubble wrap rolls, damage from a build-up of static electricity is one less worry for you.
  • Our Anti static bubble wrap is high quality and really easy to use.
  • Large stock available.
  • Suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles.
  • Wholesale or trade enquiries contact us direct on 01254 916167
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