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Foam Roll - 4mm (Thick) x 750mm (Wide) x 75m (Length)

Foam Roll - 4mm (Thick) x 750mm (Wide) x 75m (Length)

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Our packing foam wrap rolls are made from lightweight, closed-cell foam that is ideal for protecting a wide range of items in transit or storage.

Pliant and non-abrasive, it can be wrapped around delicate items to prevent scuffs and scratches, yet it is strong enough to protect heavier items from impact damage.

Robust and flexible, this packing foam conforms to the shape of almost any object imaginable. Plus it's moisture resistant, so it helps to protect against water damage.

  • Foam Roll - 4mm (Thick) x 750mm (Wide) x 75m (Length)
  • Foam Suitable For Home, Office, Warehouse, Commercial And Industrial Purpose, also Use In The Construction Industry As Underlay For Carpet Flooring
  • Its Easy To Use Store And Handle
  • Large stock available.
  • Suitable for both heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles.
  • Wholesale or trade enquiries contact us direct on 01254 916167


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